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Carolingian Empire Essay

An examination essay writing music of the rise and fall of the Carolingian Empire of Medieval Europe.

An outline of the early medieval period, which saw the rise of new kingdoms in Western Europe. The paper discusses the rise and development of the Carolingian Empire. It also provides special attention to the economic and social structure that came from the collapsed Roman Empire and the Barbarian kingdoms.

In the pre-Christian era, the German tribes migrated from the northern Europe to the Roman Empire and occupied the northern lands. There were clashes between the German tribes and the Romans who considered them intruders into their lands and called them 'barbarians'. The collapse of the Roman Empire enabled the German tribes to explore the Western Roman Empire. There were three basic factions of these German tribes-Germanic Lombards who settled in northern and central Italy, Anglo-Saxons in Britain, And Franks in Gaul (France). The Frankish kingdoms later became one of the new western European civilizations.

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