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Land Use Planning Essay

An analysis of the history and spread of urban sprawl in the U.S.

This paper attempts to examine the phenomena of urban sprawl by identifying states that essay writing notes have been able to implement comprehensive growth management programs and by reviewing several historical cases. Table of Contents Introduction

Urban spread has become a major concern for various reasons. According to some urban sprawl should be controlled through extensive planning campaigns. Proponents of this group argue that the open spaces for farmland, once considered an off limits arena for the urban commuters, today with the help of developers has slowly encroached on farm designated land. Opponents to sprawl are quick to point out that the zoning rules, higher taxes and fewer consumer choices all contribute to sprawl. It is the duty of the government to devise effective plans to control sprawl. The federal government is responsible for limiting the gradual undertaking of this new breed of consumers [Gordon and Richardson, 1997].

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